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Our dedicated and highly talented 3D visual and animation professionals demonstrate a wealth of industry knowledge when transforming your visions and concepts into 3D reality. We strongly believe that our quality of work speaks for itself.

We listen to you and your specific requirements as we do not believe in overcomplicating projects. We deliver on what we promise.


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3D Imagery

 At Visualiii, we understand that the presentation of superior 3D images for your building and construction industry is an absolute must.

Our team of professionals will work with you, your architect and/or agent to produce high quality professional images that will enhance all aspects of your development. By utilising our unique style of moods to suit your desired effect, together with our attention to detail, our outstanding 3D imaging skills will guarantee that the end result will impress your target market.

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We believe that the best way to deliver a proposed development to prospective clients and governing bodies, is by the use of video footage.

Whether it be in the form of a full 3D environment, or video footage supplied by a videographer, visualising completed development proposals using 3D techniques has become more prevalent than ever before. Inspired by the growing demand, our 3D professionals are delighted to offer you their unique and exciting skills to bring your development to life.

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 visualiii logo 3d flat


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a popular way to showcase a 3dimensional space through the use of media platforms such as Desktop applications, mobile devices or Virtual reality headsets.  This technology allows the client or Customer to understand and visualise the development from the comfort of their own space.


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Mission Statement

Idea, Evolve, Visualise

“Our mission is to provide everyone an opportunity to visualise an idea”


Latest Additions

Vis BR TheLanes Aerial

The Lanes

Client: Blight Rayner Architects

Location: GoldCoast Qld

Year: 2017

Architectural Competition winning submision for BRa. Our role was to develop the architects direction and ideas to create a semi aerial activated space.

Vis CenVill Shot1 StreetAerial V2

Central Village

Location: Concept Rendering

Year: 2017

Concept imagery to test lighting and overall composition

Vis 1Bris Shot4 Trees

1 Brisbane

Client: Blight Rayner Architects

Location: Brisbane, Qld

Year: 2017

Our brief was to create a series of images for BRa for their DA submission to client and council.

Vis GCIR Shot2 Aerial 161216 V2

Gold Coast Integrated Resort

Client: asfconsortium

Location: The Spit, Gold Coast, Qld

Year: 2016

Our brief in partnership with the design architects BlightRayner, was to create three concept images for asfconsortium for their marketing launch in December…